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le_grand_otp's Journal

le grand otp of soccer
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this is a community about the grand otp of soccer – torsten frings and michael ballack. if you’re looking for a place to share and enjoy the love between those two – this is it!! feel free to spam this comm with pix, videos, fanarts, icons or fanfictions as much as you want to!!

of course we’re aware of the facts that

a) torsten frings is a married father of two beautiful daughters
b) michael ballack is also takenalso married and has three adorable sons

that said we won’t allow any bashing against petra or simone. period. also, we’d like to add that we neither know micha nor torsten. they are their own individual personalities who lead their own lives.

BUT if you’re a fan of the german boyharem national team you just can’t miss the love between them!

there must be some rules of course..

1. no flaming of any kind. we're all here for one reason. to spread the love of the grand otp. if we don't agree with everything, it doesn't mean we can't disagree politely. rudeness and being mean, disrespectful and impolite of others will not be tolerated.
2. keep posts on-topic. this community is about torsten frings and michael ballack. everything concerning them, their families, werder bremen, chelsea london or the national team is allowed to be posted.
3. all post must be in english. although some will understand german, we want to give foreigners the chance to read and talk about our grand_otp, too.
4. please use the lj - cut!. match results or any kind of spoilers, large photos, icon posts with more than 3 icons, banners, wallpapers and long text posts need to be under a lj cut. if you have any questions concerning your post feel free to contact either crediniaeth or sarkastic
5. be so kind as to tag your posts please. whether it be news, icons, banners, picspams...
6. although we all love torsten and micha please try to use proper language and not to post fangirlie-babbling, such as "torsten, i want to be your wife" or stuff like that.

also.. this comm is slash friendly!! if you have any problems with it you should just move on.



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